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Insure key employees, fund benefit plan liabilities & specialty cash management

Insurance solutions to fund short and long-term liabilities

Key Person



Key Person life and disability Insurance is an insurance policy purchased by a company on the life of a key employee or shareholder.

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI)

We use institutional and proprietary COLI products to fund corporate liabilities as well as provide enhanced earnings for short-term and long-term investments.




In a buy-sell plan, one party agrees to sell and the other agrees to buy a business interest as the result of a triggering event. We insure and fund these events.




Our institutional insurance products offer a business the ability to deliver immediate short-term cash on cash yields that are competitive to business cash accounts like money markets and CDs.

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Fund Benefit Liabilities

Fund corporate benefit liabilities, such as non-qualified benefits, medical benefits, 401(k) matching contributions, and other employee benefit plans.

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Protect Key People

Insure lost revenue, replacement costs, business expenses, and benefit plan liabilities.

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Tax-Efficient Yields

Policy structure allows the business to defer investment gains or eliminate corporate taxes when the policy matures in a death benefit.

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Our clients invest in proprietary and institutional insurance products to create an asset to offset emerging liabilities, minimize profit & loss impact for shareholders, and leverage the tax savings for improved returns.

We deliver proprietary and institutional products

We use products aligned to corporate objectives while insuring short and long-term liabilities.