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Buy-Sell Plan Funding

In a buy-sell plan, one party agrees to sell and the other agrees to buy a business interest as the result of a triggering event. The buy-sell event is typically defined as the death, disability, or retirement of an owner. We provide funding for buy-sell agreements to insure liquidity to buy the business interests.

Insure your buy-sell plan

Fund your buy-sell obligations with insurance to provide liquidity when it is needed. 

We deliver proprietary coverage for buy-sell plans.

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Buy-Sell Insureds

Determine who needs to be insured, proper ownership, and coverage amounts for death and disability.

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Insure the buy-sell liabilities associated with a cross purchase or entity purchase plan buy-sell.

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Use funding approach and product structure to maintain flexibility as the business value and needs change.

Insure your buy-sell obligations

Whether you have a cross purchase buy-sell plan or an entity purchase buy-sell plan, there are three key benefits to insuring the obligations. Benefits of insuring a buy-sell plan include (1) pegs the value of the business, (2) guarantees a known buyer and (3) ensures liquidity.

How It Works

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Buy-Sell Funding

Work with your CPA and attorney to understand proper ownership and coverage amounts for the buy-sell agreement.

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Insurance exam and application paperwork for coverage types and amounts (including financial justification).

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Issue Policy

Buy-sell life insurance and disability insurance policy is issued, premium is paid, and manage the policy as the business evolves.

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