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Our client relationships are built on trust. Whether you’re an affluent individual, business or advisor seeking tailored life insurance services based on trust, you can get started with our firm here.

Happy Family

We specialize in the structuring and long-term administration of large life insurance portfolios for entrepreneurs, affluent families, and institutions. Decades of experience insuring entrepreneurs, executives, and affluent families has enabled us to offer proprietary insurance products. As a next step, you can start by requesting a quote.

How Much Death Benefit Do You Need?

Run a quick capital needs analysis to determine how much life insurance death benefit you need to protect your family.

I'm an Individual

Individual Life Insurance Services

We offer unbiased, reliable and independent guidance to clients and advisors. Our process of due care allows you to evaluate how life insurance, tax-efficient investing, and disability insurance fits into your financial plan. We also provide services to review and audit existing insurance policies and evaluate the potential market value of your policy for a life settlement.

I'm a Business

Business Services

Life Insurance & Disability Insurance

We offer buy-sell funding, key person life insurance and key person disability insurance to our corporate clients. We also provide institutional and proprietary insurance funding vehicles for corporate liability funding. In order to retain and reward key executives, our services focus on non-qualified benefit plans, executive life insurance plans, excess disability plans and pre-funded long-term care plans. 

I'm an Advisor

Advisor Services

We provide Individual Reviews to help you evaluate and understand your client's life insurance, disability and/or long-term care policy. We also provide Business Reviews to help you evaluate and understand your client's executive benefit plan, split-dollar life insurance plan, and/or the life insurance portfolio that is funding corporate liabilities.

"Make it a practice to keep on the lookout for novel and interesting ideas that others have used successfully. Your idea has to be original only in its adaptation to the problem you are working on."

Thomas Edison

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