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Tax-Efficient Investing

Properly designed life insurance and annuity products are utilized to defer taxes on various asset class investments and to establish a strategy for long-term investing on a tax-efficient manner, while remaining in control of the assets. Generally, the optimum asset classes are fixed income, alternative investments or equity portfolios with high annual turnover, and high-income tax states like California & New York.

Minimize burdens to achieve tax deferral

We use properly designed and proprietary insurance products to deliver powerful tax-efficient investing.

We provide proprietary and institutional insurance products.

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Properly designed insurance is appropriate to allocate some of your fixed income and/or alternative investment allocation.

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We deliver a detailed analysis to compare long-term results based on tax rates, earnings assumptions, and holding periods.

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Work to deliver the appropriate product based on objectives, desired investment options, and time horizon.

Tax-efficient investing with insurance

Life insurance and private placement annuity contracts have become an extremely viable investment vehicle. Many of today's life insurance and annuity products offer an individual or trust an efficient and tax advantaged way to invest after-tax dollars.

How It Works

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Gather information on your objectives, overall holdings, and health of potential insureds.

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Product Analysis

We analyze life insurance and annuity products based on objectives and private placement offerings where appropriate.

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Apply for the product selected for tax-efficient investing. The product, either life insurance or annuity, will have different requirements for placing the coverage.

Step 4 - TRC Financial.png


Issue the life or annuity policy, wire funds and allocate based on investment decisions.

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