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CPAs, Lawyers & Investment Firms



Advisors use our individual review and audit services for:

  • Life Insurance: Evaluate and understand the performance of a client's existing life insurance policy or portfolio of policies.

  • Disability Insurance: Review a client's existing disability coverage, including existing company or individual policies; highlight total compensation (including incentive and equity-based pay) and identify coverage shortfalls.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Review a client's existing long-term care coverage and make recommendations based on available options.



Advisors use our business review and audit services for:

  • Non-Qualified Benefit Plan: Evaluate and understand the design and funding of a client's existing executive benefit plan.

  • Split-Dollar Life Insurance Plan: Review a client's existing split-dollar plan, including the life insurance policy(ies); evaluate policy performance and potential split-dollar restructure options.

  • Life Insurance Funding: Review a client's life insurance formal or informal funding of benefit plan liabilities.

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