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Key Person Long-Term Care Plan

We provide our corporate clients with a fully insured plan designed to allow the company to fund annual premiums to deliver pre- and post-retirement tax-free long-term care benefits for its key employees at a minimal corporate cost.

LTC Solution Guide

Fund a long-term care benefit plan with minimal impact to corporate earnings or cash flow

Key Person Long-Term Care Plan - TRC Financial
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We deliver a proprietary company-paid LTC plan.

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Tax-Free Benefits

Long-term care benefits are received income tax-free.

Insured Protection - TRC Financial.png

Protect Retirement

The LTC plan protects your retirement accounts and other assets

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Recover Costs

Delivers substantial benefits with minimal impact to corporate earnings or cash flow.


of Americans age 65 and older will need some form of long-term care in their lifetime.
2015 Medicare & You, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Plan Implementation Steps

Step 1 - TRC Financial.png

Plan Census & Design

Finalize the plan participants; analyze premium funding options; review financial impact of claim scenarios.

Step 2 - TRC Financial.png

Plan Docs & Underwriting

Review and execute plan documents; automated underwriting for plan participants; issue the insurance policies.

Step 3 - TRC Financial.png

Issue Policies

Pay (or wire) premium; allocate premium per investment policy; deliver plan summary to participants; quarterly financial reporting.

Preserve Assets & Protect Income

Long-term care is a highly valued and visible benefit to key employees. A company-paid long-term care plan allows key employees to protect this financial risk in retirement.

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