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Company-paid group long-term disability plans generally leave high-income executives with an income replacement percentage in the 20% to 40% range - well short of the stated plan percentage of 60%. Why? This is because the plans have monthly caps and excluded forms of compensation leaving higher income earners under-insured.

Executive Income Protection

Overview of Solutions for Highly Compensated Executives

We deliver proprietary and institutional disability coverage.

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Insure Income Gaps

Insure high-income employees up to an additional $50,000+ in monthly disability benefits.

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Insure against income lost due to a long-term disability as well as protect against the duties of your training, experience, and occupation.

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Forms of Compensation

Variable pay, bonuses, and other incentives are often excluded from group long-term disability plans.

Protect your income

Uninsured income is often missed by executives and other high-income earners. All successful people, no matter the stage of their career, have a need to protect against the income lost due to a long-term disability.

How It Works

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Quote & Analysis

Gather information on the potential insureds, incomes (including incentive and equity-based), and plan design.

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Based on the insured population, we underwrite the plan under a guaranteed issue, simplified issue or underwritten carrier offer.

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Issue Policy

Issue the excess disability contracts and manage benefit amounts as incomes grow over time.

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