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Corporate Executives

Insure gaps created by employer-paid insurance and qualified retirement plans

Close the gaps in your insurance and retirement plans.


In order to retain and reward key executives, companies often need to provide additional benefit plans beyond stock-option and other equity-based benefits.

Life Insurance

Provides excess or supplemental life insurance to a select group of employees with no earnings impact to the company. Employee cost is less than personal term life insurance.

Secured Incentive Plan

A Secured Incentive Plan (SIP) leverages a company loan structure to lock-in the low interest rates while allowing the executive participant to own 100% of their benefits.

Care Plans

We focus on company-paid long-term care plans to provide a paid-up benefit for plan participants to take into retirement. 100% of these benefits are delivered tax-free.


We identify shortfalls in group disability plans as well as replace income not covered because of plan monthly maximums (e.g. $15,000 per month Group LTD maximum).

We use institutional and proprietary life insurance products to fund corporate liabilities as well as provide enhanced earnings for short-term and long-term investments.

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Participant Group

We provide a consulting service to help you understand gaps in current coverages and new plan options - including the liabilities and funding associated with those options.

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We work closely with outside counsel to review plan design, draft the legal agreement(s) supporting the plan(s), and implement funding for the plan liabilities.

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Corporate Objectives

Companies have often limited incentive-based programs to just cash or equity. We review options beyond traditional cash and equity-based offerings.

We just need a little of your time to understand corporate objectives and benefit plans to determine next steps and possible solutions for your team.

Provide key benefits to your key employees.

We use proprietary products aligned to corporate objectives while closing gaps in benefit plans.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We will reach out shortly.

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