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Non-Qualified Benefit Plans

We offer services to help companies evaluate non-qualified and secured incentive programs for C-level executives and highly compensated employees. Our strategies provide an incentive along with supplemental benefits aligned to company objectives and key financial metrics.

Provide incentive-based benefits to key employees

A consulting service to help you understand your non-qualified and incentive-based benefit plan options.

Provide incentive-based benefits to your key employees.

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Participant Group

We provide a consulting service to help you understand your non-qualified deferred compensation and incentive-based benefit plan options - including the liabilities and funding associated with options.

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Custom-Tailored Plans

We work closely with outside counsel to review plan design, draft the legal agreement(s) supporting the plan(s), and implement funding for the plan liabilities.

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Corporate Objectives

Companies have often limited incentive-based programs to just cash or equity. We review options beyond traditional cash and equity-based plans.

Take 5 minutes to talk with us

We just need a little of your time to learn about your corporate objectives to determine best next steps and possible solutions for a non-qualified and/or secure incentive-based plan for your company.

How It Works

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Initial conference call and/or meeting to review existing compensation, corporate-objectives and key financial metrics.

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Based on the census of potential plan participants, we develop a detailed cash flow and earnings impact of plan alternatives. This includes the advantages & disadvantages of options.

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Work with you and outside legal counsel to implement the plan documents, execute proper reporting and administration, and issue product for liability funding.

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