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Corporate Services

Corporate Funding & Benefit Plan Services

Life Insurance Services

We provide funding and benefit plan services for private and select public companies. Our speciality focuses on funding for short and long-term corporate liabilities -- these liabilities include non-qualified benefit plan expenses and other benefit plan liabilities associated with employees, executives and shareholders. Those services include:

  • Benefit Liability Funding

  • Executive Benefit Plans

  • Valuation of Life Insurance Funding

Innovative Benefit Plan Services

We create institutional funding solutions and benefit plans that our corporate clients deserve. By using decades of experience and by listening to our clients, we strive to deliver the appropriate funding vehicle and strategies to help achieve client objectives.

Our mission is simple: to listen and then deliver appropriate solutions for our corporate clients. Everything we do is designed to help our clients make informed decisions: liability funding analysis, due care, product review, implementation, and ongoing management. We care about our clients, their success, and the sustainability of the solutions we provide.​

Benefit Liability Funding

Corporate benefit liabilities, such as non-qualified benefits, medical benefits, 401(k) matching contributions, and other employee benefit plans, create significant rising costs to current and future shareholders. We specialize in helping companies evaluate their current and future benefit liability costs and how those costs can be funded.

We typically evaluate the following funding options depending on the timing of the liabilities and the objectives of the shareholders:

  • Institutional or Corporate-Owned Life Insurance - this is often referred to as COLI, BOLI, or ICOLI

  • Institutional Mutual Funds

  • Private Placement Immediate Annuities

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Innovative Executive Benefit Plans

In order to retain and reward key executives, companies often need to provide additional benefit plans beyond stock-option and other equity-based benefits. We specialize in providing insurance-based executive benefit programs to deliver supplemental retirement benefits, disability protection, and life insurance protection to pre-fund retirement benefits.


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Valuation of Life Insurance Funding

Companies have often acquired various life insurance contracts over the years, either through direct purchase or via an acquisition. These life insurance assets are often under-performing or lack proper annual valuation to determine net cash on cash rates of return and long-term performance of the life insurance funding assets. Our valuation and audit services allow clients to evaluate and understand the economics of their life insurance portfolio.

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