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A life insurance policy and benefit plan designed for your needs

We use institutional products, mortality and persistency data others don't - life insurance proprietary mortality tables, disability insurance morbidity tables, innovative executive benefit plan designs, private underwriting, and expansive policy investment options - to give you the results you deserve.

Life insurance portfolio advice on your terms

We use a measured and analytical approach to review and value a life insurance policy or portfolio. Our services are designed to provide straight-forward advice and options to improve policy economics and maximize policy value.

Life Settlements & Valuations

We offer life insurance valuation and life settlement services to evaluate all of the living benefits of a life insurance policy. This incorporates an evaluation of the discounted policy cash flow, actuarial analysis of the insured(s) life expectancy, and the market values for all of the underlying policy values.

Life Insurance Reviews & Audits

We offer life insurance review & audit services to assist clients and advisors in understanding life insurance portfolios. Our analytical and systematic approach to audits helps our clients understand the benefits and risks associated with their life insurance portfolio.

Individuals, Families & Trusts

Insure individuals to provide liquidity at the appropriate generation using tax-efficient life insurance products.

Businesses & Key Employees

Design executive benefit plans and insure owners and key employees to fund corporate liabilities and enhance earnings.