Business Cash Management

Our institutional insurance products offer a business the ability to deliver immediate short-term cash on cash yields with no mark-to-market risk that are competitive to business accounts like cash management accounts, CDs, treasuries, US government bond funds, and short-term corporate bond funds. The benefits include immediate tax-deferred short-term & long-term earnings as well as insurance death benefit coverage on your key employees.

Improve net yields

Our institutional corporate policy delivers more than a traditional business cash account.

Allocate a portion of your cash account to improve yields.

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Corporate Liabilities

Coverage to recover corporate benefit liabilities, such as the death of a key employee, non-qualified benefit liabilities, medical benefits, and 401(k) matching contributions.

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Tax-Efficient Yields

Policy structure allows the business to defer investment gains or eliminate corporate taxes when the policy matures in a death benefit.

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Retail “off-the-shelf” life insurance products do not meet the needs of institutional corporate clients - we offer proprietary products.

Let your cash holdings work for you

Our clients invest in Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI) to allocate a portion of its cash holdings to create an immediate liquid asset to improve earnings for shareholders, offset emerging liabilities, and leverage the tax savings for returns within a COLI product.

How It Works

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Gather information on the cash balances held at the company, benefit plan liabilities, business assumptions, and potential insured group of employees.

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Evaluate product and underlying investment options for the cash, develop an allocation of cash plan, and model the short and long-term cash flow and earnings impact.

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Issue & Manage

Issue the COLI contracts on the insured population, wire the initial premium, and report on monthly values for the company's balance sheet.