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Life Settlement Services

Understand the market value of your life insurance policy

Life Settlement
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Life Insurance Policy Valuation

We work with clients, CPAs, lawyers and investment firms to help determine if the market value for the policy is greater than what is stated on the life insurance policy's annual statement. A policy valuation is also helpful to review before new premiums are paid to keep a policy funded through life expectancy.

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Key Person Life Insurance Policy

We help business owners and shareholders evaluate and determine if a key person life insurance policy can be sold to the secondary market. This includes term life insurance policies and permanent policies (universal life, whole-life, variable).

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Trust-Owned Life Insurance Policy

We work with corporate and individual trustees to help them evaluate the potential sale value of a trust-owned life insurance policy. It is also critical to evaluate trust provisions, available cash flow for future premiums, and the economic impact of a sale to trust beneficiaries.

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Life Settlement Evaluation

Our service evaluates the market value of an individual life insurance or survivorship life insurance policy by collecting all policy values (including tax basis), requesting inforce illustrations (in an effort to project future performance and premium cost of the policy), and obtaining life expectancy studies on the insured(s).

Understand the market value of your life insurance policy.

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A Life Settlement

Understand the life settlement market value for your policy. Sale values can often be higher than the underlying policy cash surrender value.

Surrender Value

A life insurance policy only shows one liquidity option for you - it's called the cash surrender value.

Surrender or Die

Agents, brokers, advisors, and life insurance companies will often tell you there are only two options for policy liquidity - surrender or die.

Does this make financial sense for you?

Understand market values for your life insurance policy beyond what is reflected in the Annual Policy Statement - this is called the life settlement value. We help you determine the life settlement value by analyzing your existing policy and determining your life expectancy.

TRC Financial supports its life settlement practice through Financial Life Settlements which is owned 100% by the Principals of TRC Financial. Financial Life Settlements offers clients a private and professional approach to market and sell life insurance policies to the secondary market. We deliver access to multiple funders and leverage technology to deliver our clients an organized and systematic approach to the life settlement market. Not affiliated with M Financial Group, M Holdings Securities, Inc. or its subsidiaries.


This information is being provided as education in nature and should not be considered a solicitation for completing of a life settlement transaction. Excluded from this discussion is any variable life settlement.

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