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About Us

We are an independent firm that delivers a reliable and unbiased approach to acquiring and managing life insurance portfolios, specialty disability and long-term care coverages and innovative benefit plans for successful individuals and companies. We work closely with client advisors in designing and funding our life insurance, disability, long-term care, and executive benefit plan solutions.

TRC Financial has continued its proud tradition of helping families, individuals and companies with their insurance and benefit plans for the protection, transfer, and accumulation of wealth. TRC Financial clients include affluent families, entrepreneurs, privately held companies and select public companies. Our organized and systematic approach is designed to help reduce internal staffing needs through technology and maximize client resources, while ensuring that insurance and benefit plans are designed, funded, and managed to meet specific and appropriate client objectives. TRC has become synonymous with continuity and innovation in the planning, design, funding, and management of life insurance and innovative benefit plans for individuals, estates and businesses.

Who We Serve

Individuals & Families

We serve successful individuals and affluent families with the protection and planning for liquidity when you need it most.

Entrepreneurs & Owners

We understand the needs of entrepreneurs and deliver innovative insurance and liquidity planning to meet your needs at each stage of your journey.

Corporate Executives

We help corporate executives protect income and retirement with plans that insure the gaps created by employer-paid insurance and qualified retirement plans.

Employers & Institutions

We provide services to help employers protect key employees, implement and fund non-qualified benefit plans, and proprietary alternative investment solutions.

Private Equity & Venture

A risk often overlooked by PE and VC firms, is the disability or death of key personnel within their portfolio of companies. Insuring the risk is pennies compared to the capital invested.

Now in our fifth decade and second generation of management, we serve a loyal group of clients with responsive and personal service. We are one of the oldest and most established firm of its type in Southern California. Our commitment to genuine personal relationships and a proactive response to client needs is central to our operating philosophy. We look to the future, confident that we are our clients’ most reliable source for life insurance, disability, long-term care and benefit plan solutions to the challenges faced in the protection, transfer, and accumulation of wealth.

Darren Gallaway

Darren Gallaway is a Principal with TRC Financial, a full service life insurance firm that specializes in the analysis, design, and implementation of insurance policies for corporations and affluent families. Darren is responsible for managing client relationships and overseeing the day-to-day operations of TRC.

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(949) 509-2940, ext. 227

CA Insurance License #0B52893

AR Insurance License #745078

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Jim Roberson

Jim Roberson is a Principal of TRC Financial, a full service life insurance firm that specializes in the analysis, design, and implementation of insurance policies for entrepreneurs, corporations and affluent families. He was formerly an Associate in the Los Angeles office of Mullin TBG, a national benefit consulting firm, which is one of the founding firms of the M Financial Group. Jim was responsible for the design and life insurance funding of benefit plans that focused on wealth accumulation and retirement for high-income executives.

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(949) 509-2940, ext. 224

CA Insurance License #0B40789

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