Life Insurance Services

Dependable Unbiased Approach

Our clients use life insurance to:

  • Fund estate tax and other liabilities

  • Enhance short-term and long-term corporate earnings while recovering benefit plan expenses

  • Provide liquidity for inheritance and charitable bequests

  • Insure owners and key executives to fund corporate liabilities

Our Value-Add

In our fifth decade serving clients, we offer end-to-end life insurance services. We design, underwrite, acquire, and service life insurance products for our affluent & institutional clients through multiple life insurance carriers. Our firm also provides proprietary life insurance products through our membership in M Financial Group. These products are priced based on the demographics, morbidity and mortality experience, and preferences of the affluent individual and business client.


Individuals, Families & Trusts

For ultra-affluent clients, we provide life insurance solutions for strategic wealth transfer, wealth protection and wealth accumulation planning. In working with clients and their advisors, we use an integrated approach to life insurance placement and funding. Using proprietary solutions and delivering objective recommendations based on nearly five decades of experience in the industry, our team delivers solutions custom to each TRC client.

Wealth Transfer Life Insurance Funding

Provides tax-efficient gifting and funding of life insurance to assist families and trusts with the transfer and protection of wealth.

Leveraged Premium Solutions

Access to proprietary premium financing solutions for funding life insurance. The funding solution allows clients to benefit from utilizing the tax features of life insurance with the leverage of financing.

Proprietary Tax-Advantaged Insurance

We utilize various institutional life insurance and annuity product chassis, including private placement, to fund various tax-deferral and wealth transfer solutions.

Living Life Insurance Benefits

We deliver tax-efficient living benefits to fund objectives around tax-deferral, long-term care expenses, and supplemental retirement benefits.


Businesses & Key Employees

For business owners, private and select public companies, insurance companies, P&C companies, credit unions, and banks, our Corporate Services focus on delivering innovative design, implementation, security, funding and management of life insurance for corporate clients. Our consultative approach to corporate clients allows our team to work with business owners, senior executives, compensation committees and boards to structure life insurance geared specifically to the company’s objectives and philosophy.

Secure Incentive Plans

Company can provide a benefit that is secure from corporate creditors and allows participants to earn equity rates of return using tax deductible dollars.

Succession & Key Person Funding

We work with clients and advisors to fund business continuity and succession plans to provide the business and key employees with liquidity and coverage upon the occurrence of a triggering event, such as death, retirement, or disability.

Earnings Enhancement & Funding

Company can use institutional life insurance products to delivery short and long-term funding for cash enhancement and benefit liabilities.

Pre-Funded Long-Term Care Plans

Company provided paid-up long-term care policy for an executive to cover expenses in the event they require treatment in a long-term care facility; these plans are delivered with no tax to the participant and are paid-up before retirement.

Simple Way to Achieve Tax-Deferral on Investment Gains

Private Placement Annuity and Life Insurance Investment Accounts enable investors to defer current taxation on investment gains.

Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Life Insurance Policy

Evaluate the economics of your life insurance policy or portfolio of policies - short and long-term performance, premium cash flow and IRR.

Just Surrender or Die? Unlock More of Your Policy's Value

Understand market values for a life insurance policy beyond what is reflected in the Annual Policy Statement.

Private Underwriting

Our Private Underwriting service allows clients to control the underwriting process. We deliver a 100% digital experience. If you qualify, we can issue a new policy with no insurance exam. For clients with a more complex medical history, we obtain copies of a client's medical records and have them reviewed on a private and confidential basis. Our defined and controlled underwriting process allows us to evaluate product pricing in the context of real carrier offers without exposing our client to any potential negative results being entered into the Medical Information Bureau (MIB).