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Disability Insurance

Your ability to earn a sizable income is your biggest asset, yet it is often taken for granted. Traditional company-paid disability plans are often unable to meet the income replacement needs of higher incomes in the event of a disability. We provide proprietary and institutional products to deliver high monthly income amounts to insure beyond what is available with traditional disability products.

Help protect your income

We insure lost income which often includes incentive and equity-based compensation.

We deliver proprietary and institutional disability coverage.

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Coverage Amounts

Insure your income to protect you and your family with a disability benefit - monthly disability benefit amounts up to $50,000+.

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Insure lost income which often includes incentive and equity-based compensation.

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Get a quote and preliminary approval within 3 to 5 business days.

Help protect your income

Disability Insurance is often the most under insured risk in a financial plan. Many successful people, no matter the age, have critical income that needs to be insured and protected from a long-term disability.

How It Works

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Quote & Analysis

Gather information on income sources, the insured's physical & mental health background, existing coverage amounts, and duration for the new policy.

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Disability insurance exam and application paperwork (including financial documentation).

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Issue Policy

Disability policy is issued, premium is paid and the policy is inforce.

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