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Long-Term Care Plan

For someone sixty (60) years old today, there is a 50% probability they will need long-term care. Other studies show 70% of people over age 65 will experience a need for long term care during their lifetime. However, the real answer is your probability is either 0% (you will never need it) or 100% (you will need it). Applying statistical studies to your own situation is always difficult and often not very practical.

A plan to help protect against financial loss

A long-term care illness is often one of the most under insured risks in a financial plan.

We deliver company & employee paid long-term care plans.

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Insure ADLs

Insure the loss of two (2) or more activities of daily living (ADL) - bathing, dressing, using the toilet, transferring, incontinence, and/or eating.

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LTD Expenses

Pre-fund potential long-term care expenses for amounts that range from $5,000 to $15,000+ per month.

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Company-paid plan with product options to provide return of premium and death benefits in addition to long-term care benefits for participants.

Protect against financial loss

A long-term care illness is often one of the most under insured risks in a financial plan. The growing costs associated with a long-term care, particularly an event lasting 4+ years, can liquidate the majority of an executive's assets.

How It Works

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Quote & Analysis

Gather information on plan participants, coverage amounts, and desired features for the Long-Term Care Plan.

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Medical exam for plan participants which can include a cognitive review and other health questions for the long-term care policy.

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Implement Plan

Fund the company-paid long-term care plan with a single premium or a series of annual premiums. Participants can take the coverage when they retire or terminate.

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