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Entrepreneurs, Executives,
and Affluent Families

We are an independent firm with experience in the use of life, disability, and long-term care insurance to help our clients protect wealth and preserve legacies.

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We specialize in the structuring and long-term administration of large life insurance portfolios for entrepreneurs, affluent families, and institutions.

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Decades of experience insuring entrepreneurs, executives, and affluent families has enabled us to offer proprietary insurance products.

Our Advantage


Decades of experience in underwriting, placing, and managing custom insurance solutions for our affluent and institutional clients.


Direct and proprietary access to insurance carrier products and designs not available in the retail insurance market.


Our independence from all life insurance companies enables us to provide unbiased advice to clients and their advisors.


Trust that has been built and maintained through decades of servicing our clients.


A new way to protect your family, retirement, and long-term care risk

70% of people turning age 65 will need some type of long-term care services in their lifetimes. Our proprietary product and policy design delivers liquidity under a variety of scenarios - death, supplemental retirement income, and tax-free long-term care benefits. Take a minute to run our online analysis to help you better understand the costs and benefits of our recommended insurance policy for long-term care.

Long-Term Care Insurance
Private Placement Life Insurance


Minimize burdens to help achieve tax deferral

Affluent families and investors use institutional and proprietary annuity and life insurance investment accounts to defer alternative and traditional asset class investments from current taxation. You can defer taxes, remain in control of assets, and reallocate between traditional & alternative asset classes with no taxation. TRC Financial, through M Financial, provides clients with proprietary access to private placement annuity and life insurance contracts.

Private Placement Life Insurance

Simple Way to Achieve Tax-Deferral on Investment Gains

Private Placement Annuity and Life Insurance Investment Accounts enable investors to defer current taxation on investment gains.

Life Insurance Policy Audit & Review

Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Life Insurance Policy

Evaluate the economics of your life insurance policy or portfolio of policies - short and long-term performance, premium cash flow and IRR.

Life Settlement, Life Insurance Policy Valuation

Determine Your Policy's Life Settlement Value

Understand the life settlement market values for a life insurance policy beyond what is reflected in the Annual Policy Statement.

We've helped our

clients in a big way.

$201 billion

Total Death Benefit Inforce

$47 billion

Life Insurance Cash Values

$1.4 billion

New Annualized Premium

M Financial & Member Firms' Collective Buying Power
Highlights for 2023

Services designed for you,
the affluent and institutional client.

TRC Financial is an independent firm that delivers a reliable and unbiased approach to acquiring and managing life insurance portfolios and innovative benefit plans. As a Member Firm of M Financial, we use over five decades of experience combined with unrivaled service & technology to bring unique life insurance, disability, long-term care, and benefit plan solutions to our clients and advisors. Our focus centers around proprietary plan design, product placement, and administration for life insurance, disability and long-term care insurance, executive benefit plans, and private placement insurance investment accounts.

Insights from Our Case Studies

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Protecting land and cash flow for generation II and III

A family patriarch had spent most of his life acquiring land and negotiating oil and gas lease contracts with some of the world's largest oil and gas companies. The value of the land and contracts had grow to have a value over fifty million dollars.

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Company solves the challenges of long-term care for its executives

The company enhanced its broad-based group long-term care (LTC) offering for its executives and senior managers. It was critical to deliver a benefit plan for retirement that did not require benefit accruals and was implemented with no earnings impact.

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Company acquires a life insurance policy insuring its CEO

The CEO, and large shareholder, of a privately-held company negotiated a buy-sell arrangement with the private equity (PE) firm to acquire a large portion of his outstanding shares in the event of his death. The liquidity enabled both the PE and the CEO to implement appropriate financial and estate planning.

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