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Key Person Disability Insurance

Key Person Disability Insurance is often the most overlooked risk for companies and its shareholders. Benefits from key person disability insurance are used to replace lost revenue, provide disability buy-out funding for share repurchase requirements of a disabled shareholder, hire a highly esteemed replacement, or provide high limit disability benefits required within a key person's employment contract.

Protect your business

Insure lost revenue, replacement costs, business expenses, and benefit plan liabilities.

We deliver proprietary and institutional disability coverage.

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Coverage Amounts

Insure key person from $1,000,000 up to $100,000,000+ in benefits; $500,000 per month in business overhead expenses.

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Insure lost revenue, replacement costs, and business overhead expenses.

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Get a quote and preliminary approval within 1 to 3 business days.

Protect your business

Key Person Disability Insurance is often the most under insured risk in a business. All successful companies, no matter the size, have key personnel as the foundation driving success.

How It Works

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Quote & Analysis

Gather information on the business, key person, coverage amounts and duration.

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Key person insurance exam and application paperwork (including financial justification).

Step 3 - TRC Financial.png

Issue Policy

Key person disability policy is issued, premium is paid, and the policy is inforce.

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