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Life Insurance Policy Reviews & Audits

Evaluate and understand the economics of your life insurance policy(ies).

Our service audits and delivers annual life insurance policy management for you.

We are your back-office for policy cash value reporting and annual policy reviews.

We work with CPAs, lawyers, and investment firms to provide back-office services.

Trustee Policy Management Services

Our services were developed to provide trust owned life insurance (TOLI) trustees support and help to successfully manage this complex asset.

Let us help you manage the trust's life insurance asset.

Understand the policy(ies) you serve as trustee.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We will reach out shortly.

How It Works

Step 1 - TRC Financial.png


We complete an initial engagement to review the life insurance policy or policies in the portfolio where you serve as trustee.

Step 2 - TRC Financial.png

Review & Audit Report

Deliver a detailed report summarizing the audit, policy values, inforce projections, risks in the portfolio and recommendations to manage going forward.

Step 3 - TRC Financial.png

Service Agreement

Policy Service Agreement outlining our services and annual fees to manage the life insurance policy(ies).

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