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Life Insurance Policy Reviews & Audits

Evaluate and understand the economics of your life insurance policy(ies).

Our service audits and delivers annual life insurance policy management for you.

We are your back-office for policy cash value reporting and annual policy reviews.

We work with CPAs, lawyers, and investment firms to provide back-office services.

Advisor Services

We seek to cultivate strong alliances with the best accounting, law and investment firms available. Our strategic partners have all distinguished themselves as companies providing the same level of service excellence that we strive for here at TRC Financial.

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Proposal Review

We evaluate life insurance, disability, and non-qualified benefit plan proposals. We are confident in our team to provide you with an unbiased evaluation and perspective for your client.

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Legacy Life Insurance Policy Review

Evaluate and understand the economics of your client's life insurance portfolio. Includes consolidated policy information - tax basis, values, surrender position, policy loans, ownership, beneficiaries, and assignments; analysis of short and long-term policy performance - cash flow and internal rate of return; and potential restructure options.

How can we help?

We provide our partners with support to understand insurance proposals, executive benefit plan proposals, and existing policies or plans.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We will reach out shortly.

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