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Term Life Insurance provides short to long-term (10 to 30 years) protection against death of the insured. The life insurance death benefit is guaranteed over the stated period of years as long as premium payments are satisfied. The insured's age, amount of death benefit coverage, the duration of the policy, and the health of the insured will determine the premium cost.

Control underwriting with competitive term pricing

We work with various life insurance carriers to obtain competitive pricing based on your health.

We deliver competitive term life insurance pricing.

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Death Benefit

Evaluate premium costs based on various death benefit amounts, term duration, and underwriting categories.

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Work with various life insurance carriers to obtain competitive pricing based on your health.

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Deliver value through our carrier relationships and the collective buying power of our firm.

Protect your family

A measured and strategic approach to acquiring term life insurance is critical. This involves a thoughtful analysis of product options, the insured's health, duration for the policy, conversion rights to protect insurability, and an evaluation of underwriting standards at various life insurance carriers.

How It Works

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Quote & Analysis

Gather information on the insured's health, death benefit amounts, premium budget, and quote multiple carriers.

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We underwrite on a private and confidential basis with multiple insurance companies to keep you in control of the process.

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Application & Exam

Apply for the term life insurance policy and take a medical exam - medical questions, blood/urine specimen, and sometimes an EKG.

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Issue Policy

Issue the term life insurance policy, deliver it, and pay the initial premium due.

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