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TRC Financial Hosts Event to Discuss Trends in Orange County for 2020 & Beyond

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Irvine, CA, January 17, 2020 — TRC Financial, an independent insurance brokerage firm, hosted a lunch and panel discussion with diverse leaders to discuss trends about Orange County, California in 2020 and beyond. A group of over 70 community members representing local businesses, community leaders, educational institutions and entrepreneurs came together on Thursday, January 16th to share ideas and discuss the outlook for Orange County as we start 2020.

The event featured four speakers that included a venture capitalist, a banking executive, a lawyer, and a local State Assemblyman. The panel of diverse leaders discussed the current state of venture capital, start-ups, banking, wealth management, business planning, estate planning and the business political environment for Orange County. The event delivered important insights, new strategic thinking for the decade, and an inspirational outlook on what’s ahead for Orange County.

“Our firm has been based in Orange County for over fifty years, and we are committed to supporting business owners and employees that call it their home,” said TRC Financial Principal Darren Gallaway. “Our event was an example of how our economy, particularly the diversity of entrepreneurs and businesses, has grown since our founding.”

One speaker was Marc Averitt, Managing Director at Okapi Venture Capital, who has been committed to funding local entrepreneurs in Southern California for over a decade. He shared historical lessons, the importance of funding local entrepreneurs and keeping the talented engineers in our community as we look ahead.

Also presenting at the lunch was Ethan Morgan, Managing Director and Market Manager at J.P. Morgan Private Bank, who shared insights into how Orange County continues to grow from its foundation in real estate and expand wealth to a broader range of industries.

David Sherak, Managing Partner, at Vogt, Resnick & Sherak, LLP, provided insights into critical legal issues regarding business and estate planning to help mitigate intra-family litigation and risks associated with wealth transfer planning.

An informative legislative perspective came from the Hon. Phillip Chen, California State Assemblyman, 55th District. Phillip shared insights and updates on legislation coming out of Sacramento and its effect on businesses and families in Orange County.

The “Orange County 2020 & Beyond” event was hosted by Darren Gallaway and Jim Roberson, Principals at TRC Financial. Please contact us for more information about the event and our services.

About TRC Financial

TRC Financial is an independent firm that delivers a reliable and unbiased approach to acquiring and managing life insurance for affluent and institutional clients. Our focus centers around proprietary plan design, product placement, and administration for life insurance, life settlements, disability insurance, executive benefit plans, and private placement insurance investment accounts. We are the oldest and most established firm of its type in Southern California.

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