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Life Insurance Policy Review

We offer a life insurance policy (or portfolio) review service. Our life insurance policy review service delivers the projected economics of the policy, consolidated policy information (tax basis, values, surrender position, policy loans, ownership, beneficiaries, and assignments), and analysis of the short and long-term policy performance - cash flow and the internal rate of return impact of alternatives.

Get your arms around your life insurance policy

Understand your options for the life insurance policy.

Get your arms around your life insurance policy.

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Policy Risk

Life insurance policies can look fine today and be at risk to lapse just a few years later.

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Act Now

Options to restructure a life insurance policy are available - change premiums, reduce the death benefit, or execute a tax-free 1035 Exchange.

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Understand your options for the life insurance policy.


Call Now​

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Take 5 minutes to talk with us

We just need a little of your time to start a due care and financial analysis on each policy you own to illustrate the economic and tax impact of a policy surrender, ongoing premium cash flow alternatives, internal rates of return, and restructure economics.

How It Works

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Initial conference call to gather basic policy information, ownership information, and your objectives.

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Gather detailed policy information including inforce projections, values, premium history, and restructure options.

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Policy Report

Deliver a detailed report summarizing the audit, policy options, and recommendations.

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